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För ett liv i hälsa!

Som medlem i Apotekets Kundklubb erbjuds du här att ta del av världens första forskningsbaserade hälso- och livsstilsverktyg - Prius Health. 


Exclusive opportunity

Experience the benefits of this new way of handling all from exercise and food to stress and conflicts in order to:

  • manage your day-to-day
  • cope with challenges and stress
  • prevent lifestyle diseases

With the tool you get a new research-based method to experience health and reach concrete results.

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"What small thing could make me healthier today?"

More about the opportunity

The tool has been developed at Swedish medical universities.

It is made available free of charge via the University of Gothenburg.

You as an employee of the IOC can now be part of this ongoing program and benefit from the tool.

“How can I enjoy my lunch?"

Anders Rosengren


My name is Anders Rosengren and have studied health and lifestyle diseases for more than 20 years. During this time a question has developed and become central:

Why is health so difficult to prioritize although we value it so highly?

That's how the idea was born to the tool. It contains thought-provoking texts, useful advice, exciting tests and inspiring exercises to encourage you to use the latest knowledge to prioritize the health of your everyday life.

I wish you welcome as you come into the tool as part of our collaboration and I hope you will enjoy the benefits

Ander Rosengren

Anders Rosengren, MD PhD Professor
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Time to experience health!

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